What to Expect

Services are designed to meet the individual needs of each adolescent and adult as well as their families.

For more than 40 years Keystone has been on the front lines in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction in York County and our surrounding communities. Keystone is the area's leader in addiction recovery; on any given day, more than 150 adolescents and adults are enrolled in our outpatient, residential and inpatient treatment programs.

A person may enter our programs as a self-referral or as a referral from a physician, the courts, family members, or other agencies. People seeking help will be admitted to treatment based upon their individualized need(s), which is determined by a screening or assessment. Below are some of the first steps you will take on your path to recovery.

Step 1: Assessment/Admission

A Counselor/Nurse will complete an assessment with you, utilizing current DSM criteria, in order to make a diagnosis. This is a bio-psycho-social/nursing assessment used to determine an initial diagnosis, severity of illness, and an appropriate level of care, as developed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. We will be gathering historical information from you, as well as information regarding your strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. All of the above information will help us determine the focus of services, if needed, and the level of care that will best meet your needs. Our teams hold daily staffings to review level of care placement.

Step 2: Treatment Team/Service Coordination

At Keystone, we make treatment decisions as a team. Once your assessment is completed, your counselor will review the clinical impressions/findings of your assessment with the treatment team.

Step 3: Individual Plan of Care (IPOC)/ Transition Plan
Each individual plan of care is developed by client and counselor and custom tailored to fit the individual needs of each client. Information gathered during assessment helps program staff work with you to develop an individual plan of care. The plan is like a contract -- it spells out program/treatment objectives, the recommended therapeutic services, and other activities. The plan includes the client's responsibilities, the program's responsibilities, identification of the person responsible for service coordination, and how progress will be measured. You will also begin completing a Transition Plan that will address your care during and after services.

Continuum of Care/Length of Services
Keystone offers prevention, intervention, outpatient, and inpatient services to adults and adolescents. As a part of your individual plan of care, you will be given the day and time to start your services. If you enter treatment, it is not an easy process. You may experience times of sadness, anxiety and/or loneliness, but you’ll also find moments of joy, laughter and hope as you move through the process. It’s likely you’ll make new and meaningful friendships amongst your peers and forge new, honest connections with those who are currently in your life.

Good outcomes are contingent on adequate lengths of service. Although most programs have a minimum length of stay, the length of time you attend a program is individualized and based on your progress.

If you have needs that Keystones' services are not designed to address, staff will discuss referral options.  For example:  mental health, primary care/emergency, trauma issues.

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