General Outpatient


Assessment Services: A complete bio-psycho-social assessment which determines placement.

Legal Evaluation: An evaluation for those who are required by court/employer regarding alcohol and other drug problems and have no further requirement to participate in a treatment program. The evaluation including the diagnosis, recommendations, and prognosis will be forwarded to the referral.

Drug Screening: Keystone offers in-house screening or chain-of-custody with a Medical Review Officer.

Nursing Assessment:  A service to assess and monitor physical status, response to treatment, and need for referral to other healthcare systems.

DOT Evaluation:
A Substance Abuse Professional completes an evaluation and intensive case management for these safety sensitive employees’ return to work.

Individual/Family Services: Includes individual, family and multi-family group counseling. Addiction is a family disease.

Crisis Intervention: An intensive service in an emergency situation.

Gambling: Services for those with gambling issues.

An evidence-based treatment/intervention program for adults who may be experimenting with or abusing alcohol or other drugs. This treatment program consists of three individual and three group counseling sessions that focus on motivation to change behaviors.

Solutions: A 20 hr. psycho-educational program to assist with making changes in high-risk drinking and drug use. Group meets once weekly for 10 weeks.

A more intense program for those who have a substance abuse or dependence problem. Group meets 2 times weekly. Typical program length is 10-12 weeks.

Recovery Management: Group therapy for those who have completed the intensive phase of treatment or have successfully completed another treatment program prior to entering. 

Peer Support Services: Peer Support Services provides intensive case management by qualified Peer Support Specialists, themselves in sustained recovery.  PSS empower clients and create vital linkages such as primary healthcare, housing, employment, and other human service needs.


Walk in Assessment Times:
Monday — Friday 8:00 to 10:00 am

Monday—Wednesday 1:00 to 2:00 pm

Other times available:  call (803) 324-1800

I am very pleased with the treatment I received at Keystone.  They helped me to build a strong foundation to a new and sober life.  I love and thank all the counselors at Keystone." Keystone Client