Medical Detoxification

A 24-hour, medically supervised sub acute addiction withdrawal service offered for ages 18 and above.

What is Detox/Withdrawal?
Detox is a "clearing of toxins." It is a period of time when the body's physiology is adjusting to absence of alcohol/other drugs and the person begins to make psychological re-adjustments necessary for ongoing treatment. Keystone provides a safe, humane withdrawal period while protecting the individual's dignity.  Keystone's caring staff, supportive environment, cultural sensitivity and confidentiality will help you achieve better outcomes in your next step to further treatment.   
Keystone has both a Medical and Social level of Detoxification which are staffed by medical personnel and under the supervision of a Medical Director. The approximate length of stay for Social Detoxification is 2-10 days. The approximate length of stay for Medical Detoxification is the following:
                       Stimulants: 1-3 days
                       Alcohol: 3-5 days
                       Opiates: 4-7 days
                       Sedative/Hypnotics: 7-10 days
Note:  Actual days subject to medical-clinical need.