A recovering person can feel alone, even with the support of family members, so it helps to have others that have gone through the program as peers. Even more important is the opportunity to have someone who has been on the path to recovery be willing to lend support and positive words of advice. 

Although one does not graduate from recovery, 'alumni' is a common term that is used following treatment from 
substance use disorders because it symbolizes a graduation of sorts – a leaving behind of former patterns of behavior and embracing a new way of living. 

Alumni Services focuses on developing a strong Recovery Support Network that will function to assist former clients with sustained recovery by developing new habits and connecting with Keystone graduates who are succeeding in recovery. 

Staying connected to a community of recovering alcoholics and addicts is KEY to lifelong recovery. We understand the importance of friends, family and others who are traveling the path of recovery. This is why we have an alumni services program for our graduates. 

Being able to meet, play, volunteer, learn and socialize with others who have "been there" is a crucial part of
addiction recovery. 

Respecting your private information 
We will care for the privacy of your personal information as a Keystone Alumni in the same way we did when you were in services.