Client Rights

Client rights reviewed will include areas listed below included in the client handbook or the DAODAS “Statement of Client’s Rights/Consent to Treatment." 

(Keystone does not restrict the rights of persons served.)

As a client of Keystone you have the following rights:

  • To be entitled to respect and dignity in an environment that affords security and privacy;
  • To receive services that are protected under the laws of confidentiality and to receive a Privacy Notice as well as other information concerning your rights in regard to the use, storage and disclosure of healthcare information;
  • To receive services regardless of race, sex, national origin, creed, physical, or mental handicap, or personal ability to pay;
  • To know the reasons for or purpose of the services provided and to consent to receiving these services;
  • To receive an individual evaluation and treatment based upon your needs, abilities and goals including your active participation in the development of your individualized treatment plan;
  • To ensure that your needs and preferences are not neglected and to receive any information needed to make informed decisions concerning the services you receive including expressing preference for case manager, therapist or other service provider;
  • To be assessed fees on an equitable basis;
  • To review your records upon reasonable request and as provided by law;
  • To refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law;
  • To withdraw from services at any time without affecting re-entry at a later time;*
  • To be free from the following imposed by program employees: sexual abuse or harassment, physical punishment, physical abuse, psychological abuse, including humiliation, threats, neglect and exploitation, fiduciary abuse associated with program employees holding in trust anything of value that belongs to you;
  • To be informed of and treated in compliance with the agency’s policy on seclusion, restraint, special treatment interventions and the restriction of rights;
  • To receive assistance from the program in facilitating access and referral to guardians, conservators, self-help groups, advocacy and legal services (to include assistance with formal complaints regarding Keystone);
  • To have privacy during visits unless contraindicated in the recovery and treatment process or as ordered by a physician or other authorized healthcare provider;
  • To receive intervention services during a crisis.
  • To file a grievance if you feel your rights have been violated; and
  • To choose whether or not to participate in approved research projects.


*Withdrawal from participation in some programs may necessitate a delay in your re-admission.  Also, if your participation in this program is the result of involvement with the criminal justice system, your legal status may be jeopardized by withdrawal without court, probation or parole permission.  Please make certain of your individual situation before withdrawing.


If you feel your rights have been violated, please follow the Client Grievance Policy and Procedure