Guidelines and Principles

Purpose: Alumni Services will focus on developing a strong Recovery Support Network that will function to assist former clients with sustained recovery.

Community: Staying connected to a community of recovering alcoholics and addicts is KEY to lifelong recovery. We understand the importance of involving friends, family and others who are traveling the path of recovery. This is why we have an alumni services program for our graduates.

Rationale: Being able to meet, play, volunteer, learn and socialize with others who have “been there” is a crucial part of addiction recovery.  A recovering person can feel alone, even with the support of family members, so it helps to have others that have gone through the program as peers. Even more important is the opportunity to have someone who has been on the path to recovery be willing to lend support and positive words of advice.

Keystone Alumni Services Principles:
– We strive to change the opinions and views on addiction and of those who suffer from this disease.
– We support, encourage, and instill hope for individuals, families and communities that are affected by the disease of addiction.
– We provide access to resources, education, support and treatment for all.
– We provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes mental, physical and spiritual growth.
– We realize that gratitude is the key in remaining positive and productive to all we serve,
– We continue to set goals beyond being the best...we do not settle for half measures. We empower through excellence and inspire individuals to be the best they can be.

The Alumni will be made up of former clients who are at least 90 day post discharge from any Keystone Treatment Program. Meetings will be held regularly and may include family members and friends as determined.

Keystone Staff Liaison Members: Keystone's Marketing and Event Coordinator will be the primary staff liaison to Alumni Services. PRN staff and retired treatment director has been appointed to oversee the development of Alumni Services. Both designated staff will work closely with the officers/members of the Alumni and will consult with Keystone Executive Management. Also, from time to time staff will report to Keystone's BOD.

Officers: The officers of Keystone's Alumni Services shall be elected for one year terms by majority vote of its members annually or as vacancies occur. Officers will perform in collaboration with Keystone staff and Alumni members.

• Prepare an agenda for each meeting
• Preside over all meetings
• Appoint subcommittees if needed
• Call special meetings of the Alumni

Vice Chair
• In the absence of the Chair, preside at Alumni Meetings
• Assume duties of Chair in their absence

• Consults with chair on order of business
• Prepare minutes
• Prepare meeting notices
• Circulate minutes/agendas and make reports available
• Work closely with appropriate Keystone staff to ensure official minutes

• Watchdog (general overseer) for all aspects of financial management including all funding and fund raising
• Formalizes budget plan and reports
• Book keeping and record keeping
• Works closely with Keystone's Finance staff to ensure official budget


“We must become the change we want to see in the world” - Ghandi