Rebuilding Families in York County

Keystone is an award-winning organization recognized for offering responsive and innovative substance use disorder services.


Specialized programs to fit specific treatment needs

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What We Treat

substance use disorder treatment
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Levels of Care Offered

At Keystone, we offer multiple levels of care to meet the specific needs of our clients wherever they are in their recovery journey with judgment free, high quality therapy, programming, and education.

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residential services
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Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program
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If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use, are worried about affording care, or have any questions, call us today to discuss our top-quality care options and flexible payment plans with a member of our staff. 

About Us

Established in 1969, Keystone Substance Abuse Services has provided our community expert care and hope that recovery from substance use is possible. We have worked with countless people struggling with substance use disorders, their families, and community members to treat not only the symptoms of substance use, but to also educate, empower, and heal the people behind the addictions to improve the quality of life of the individual, their families, and the community.

The word “keystone” refers to the architectural stone piece that provides connection and strength to the two sides of an archway. With this imagery in mind, for over the last 50 years, Keystone bridged the gap between substance use and recovery, and provides people who might be struggling with the strength, integrity, and empowerment they need to begin their recovery journey.

Keystone Substance Abuse Services

Core Values

Keystone: the connection that locks surrounding structural elements in place.


Keystone is a CARF accredited organization, meaning we are highly dedicated to the betterment of both our clients and our community.


Insurances We Accept

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