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Substance Use Disorders are chronic health conditions with remission and reocurrence rates similar to diabetes and hypertension.


Substance use encompasses many complex issues that require input and support from families, members of the medical profession, faith organizations, social workers and other stakeholders in the community.

By maintaining a concerned, committed system of partners, health and human service organizations and providers, we are able to reach more people and better guide our patients with their roadmap to recovery.

Keystone Community

Keystone in the Community

Community support isn’t simply nice to have; it’s necessary for truly sustainable recovery.

Substance use disorders affect families as well as entire communities.

Having support and buy-in from family, friends and neighbors promotes healing, reduces incidents of reoccurrence and better enables patient’s long-term success.

Keystone’s Partners

The staff at Keystone recognizes that no one organization can effectively respond to the drug and alcohol crisis alone. As part of a recovery oriented system of care, we maintain an active network of partner organizations that we refer patients to and work with in order to educate the community and reduce substance use disorders in York County. Each of these organizations plays a vital role in Keystone’s ability to make progress toward its mission.

Keystone Substance Abuse Treatment - Partners


In addition to offering evidence-based treatments and therapies, Keystone provides prevention and education programs in the community as well as a number of other educational resources. Our comprehensive education programs include courses designed to help community partners better understand substance use and learn steps they can take to reduce the problem in York County.