Outpatient Treatment

Keystone professional staff offers high-quality medical care, individual and family counseling

Keystone professional staff offers high-quality medical care, individual and family counseling

It’s common for patients in early substance use recovery to feel anxious and alone. Studies have demonstrated time and time again that meeting with others who are going through a similar journey is beneficial for mental and emotional health—and makes it less likely that substance use patterns will recur.

What Keystone Patients Can Expect

Keystone developed its Outpatient Programs in order to help patients receive the support they need in a safe, encouraging environment. In addition, all of Keystone’s internationally accredited outpatient and inpatient therapeutic programs are hosted by a certified/licensed professional who is qualified to meet the specific needs of those recovering from substance use disorders.


What Keystone Offers - Outpatient Treatment Programs

Keystone is dedicated to providing treatment services to the citizens of York County and surrounding areas in the most expeditious manner possible.


For patients whose substance use disorders are of mild or moderate severity, Keystone offers a number of evidence-based counseling and therapy programs that are proven and effective at helping patients on the journey to substance use recovery. Other general services include Recovery Management, ongoing peer support, screenings and evaluations.

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Intensive Outpatient Services

Many patients come to Keystone requiring a more intensive, specialized program. Keystone’s intensive outpatient services meet 3 or 4 days a week and include programs specifically geared toward the unique needs of men, women, youth and young adults whose substance use disorder is of greater severity. All intensive outpatient programs are followed by recovery management services.

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Driver’s License Program

Many of our patients first come to Keystone for services related to loss of a driver’s license. Keystone provides a broad continuum of services, including the Alcohol & Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP), that will help you reestablish your license privileges while also putting you in the driver’s seat moving toward your life’s goals.

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Young Adult Program

Men and women who are on their own for the first time may misuse alcohol or other drugs in response to common stressors such as school, work and relationships. If you are a young adult, or know of one who is struggling with a substance use disorder, know that Keystone wants to offer young adults the best chance of getting back on track toward their goals. Our recently-launched Journey Program was established in response to the rising opioid crisis among young adults aged 18 to 28.

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If you or someone you know needs medical care for drug or alcohol use, call our main office

Call our main office at (803) 324-1800 for a confidential screening. We will help you determine the best course of action and connect you with others in the community who can help you recover.