Youth Programs

Programs to Keep Adolescents and Young Adults on the Right Path

The pre-teen, teen and young adult years are a notoriously difficult time in human development. Young people are learning life skills, becoming more self-sufficient, navigating relationships, and planning for their future education and careers—all while going through profound physical, mental, and emotional changes. Stressed, confused, or overwhelmed, some young people turn to substances to ease the pressure they feel or fit in with their peers.

We want to give young people a different choice.

Our Youth Programs offer adolescents and young adults a better way to manage stress and engage with their peers.

All of Keystone’s programs are holistic, focusing not only on treating substance use but also on building positive relationships, managing stress and anger, developing coping methods, and learning good communication skills.

Adolescent & Teen Programs

Keystone recognizes the importance of helping teens and young adults early when their lives have been impacted by substance use, offering the best chance to find success in their adult lives.

Adolescent Assessments

With all Keystone programs, patients start with a bio-psycho-social assessment to determine individual needs and help us place the patient in the most effective program. We offer walk-in assessments Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. and Thursday and Friday from 8:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M. at our 199 S. Herlong Ave. location.

Step One

An evidence-based treatment program for those who may be experimenting with or abusing alcohol or other drugs. This treatment program consists of two individual and four group counseling sessions that focus on motivation to change behaviors, and the skills needed to implement the change.

Stepping up

This outpatient program helps youth identify positive alternatives to using alcohol or other drugs by teaching skills to make changes. This treatment program consists of one individual and one group session each week.

Stepping Stones

This intensive outpatient program helps youth identify the impact of substance use disorders and teaches skills to begin managing their lives without using alcohol and other drugs. Youth are supported with making positive changes to help them reach their full potential. This treatment program consists of one individual and two group counseling sessions per week. Once they develop the skills to stop using, they transfer to Recovery Management, which teaches skills to maintain recovery.

Keystone’s Youth Center


Following a $1.5 million investment, Keystone opened a unique facility in November of 2016 in Rock Hill to house its programs for adolescents and young adults.

Keystone’s Youth Center is designed to invite our youngest patients to feel welcome and at home; and for parents to know their sons and daughters are getting the best care available in a safe environment.

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If you or someone you know needs medical care for drug or alcohol use, call our main office at (803) 324-1800 or click here to complete a referral form. All referrals, initial consultations, and assessments are 100% confidential.

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Keystone patient testimonial:

My case manager has been very helpful and concerned with my sobriety and continues to be a valuable tool in my life to maintain it.
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