Residential Services

Find safety, find healing and find hope


Keystone’s Residential Services allows Keystone patients whose Substance Use Disorder severity is high, and whose home environments are not conducive to achieving recovery, get a recovery journey established in an inpatient setting.

Keystone recognizes the seriousness of and therefore gives top priority for admission to, persons with substances use disorders who are pregnant or who have taken substances intravenously.

About Our Residential Treatment Program

Patients are supported by two physicians, a 24/7 nursing staff, counselors, and peer support specialists. Keystone offers supervised treatment, rehabilitation, social support, and advocacy for our residents.

The Residential Services program is small—only six beds. The majority of patients in this program are women who are mothers or mothers-to-be. The program blends medical and clinical treatment in a residential setting to ensure women and unborn babies are receiving the care they need to be as healthy as possible. Moms in Keystone’s Residential Services have delivered over 142 healthy babies since the program’s inception. Each tiny boy or girl was born to a healthy mom, and each baby started down their path of life free of the complications associated with substance use disorders.

Individualized Services

Each participant undergoes a diagnostic assessment to determine the best course of treatment, and then Keystone develops a service plan based on the assessment results.

Typically, the program includes substance use counseling, individual and group therapy, life skills development, multi-family counseling, trauma recovery and parenting skills.

If you or someone you know needs medical care for drug or alcohol use, call our main office

Call our main office at (803) 324-1800 for a confidential screening. We will help you determine the best course of action and connect you with others in the community who can help you recover.