Inpatient Treatment

Reaching out for help is necessary for healing—and is a courageous first step toward a better future.

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Seeking help is the bravest step you can take.

If you recognize a substance use disorder in yourself or a loved one, it’s important to remember that you are not alone! One in ten American families is walking the same walk. No one would dare attempt to self-treat diabetes, heart disease, or any other serious illness. People with these health issues require and openly seek professional, medical assistance. The same can be true for substance use disorders. There is no reason for you, or your loved one, to manage a substance use disorder without professional help.

Take that first step to recovery with Keystone’s empathetic, dedicated professional staff—many who have walked the same walk and remember what it’s like to be in your shoes.

Keystone’s inpatient programs use evidence-based treatments, medications, and therapies. Please remember: inpatient medical treatment, combined with therapy, is a necessary first step on a recovery journey, but is not a goal in and of itself. The goal is sustained recovery.

Comprehensive Care for Substance Use Disorders

Keystone’s Inpatient Treatment Programs give patients with serious substance use disorders the medical care, therapeutic attention, and new skills they need to begin their individual journeys on a path to recovery. Through our inpatient services and vital outpatient follow-up services, culminating with Recovery Management and the Alumni Program, many patients have been able to keep re-occurrences to a minimum, if any at all, to remain in sustained recovery for years—even decades.


Brooke R.

They will help you get in other long term facilities!!! If you really want it they will help you get it. All of the staff pass no judgement and treat everyone as an equal. I have came to their facility twice from Greenville SC, I will not recommend going anywhere else.

Google LogoKelli L.

I want to thank everyone at Keystone for helping my daughter Kelli. Kelli was able to get a month sober after treatment but ironically was killed by DUI Homicide. I hope you all still play the movie “Grave Decision s” which has her story in it. Thank you so much, ~Pam still Kelli’s mom

Google LogoBrian R.

Good recovery management.

Google LogoChristian M.

i’v never been but lokey love it

Google LogoD W.

Keystone is a place that will help you if you want it. Dr. Jay Fernando help me with my MAT. He is probably the best Dr I’ve ever seen he shows he really cares and strives to see his patience have a better quality of life. That man help save my life. I highly recommed. Thanks keystone and Dr jay. You gave me my life back.

Google LogoDavid J.

I thought this place would be a joke intill i met Doug Miller. This class changed my life. Im drug free and feeling life for the first time. When i walked into this class i was rock bottom now im making 30 bucks a hour clean and have tools to help myself. Sure there was things i didnt agree with like the cheap drug tests showing fast positives but they just try to save us money.

Google LogoIvan W.

I love how everyone went out they way to help me and made me feel like a human instead of a drug addict!!!! This place is truly bless , they save my life and i will always love all of them for loving to help people that are sick

Google LogoErica D.

Amazingly knowledgeable, caring and competent Counselors and Staff members. Recovery focused care for various degrees of intensive rehabilitation along with treatment you are also given community resources ranging from financial assistance, vocational rehabilitation, and domestic violence.

Google LogoAngela D.

I attend IOP…it has been a wonderful experience with counselors that are compassionate yet make sure you are following your treatment plan!!!!

Google LogoBrenda S.

Extremely caring & competant staff. Great program if you’re willing to do the work needed to change.

Google LogoDiane S.

Working, glade to be 8ie in the work force.

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Inpatient Services

With Keystone’s help, you can learn about your medical diagnosis and determine the best program for your recovery, ultimately changing your life.

Withdrawal Management

Keystone offers a 24-hour, onsite sub-acute withdrawal management service for those ages 18 and above. Our caring medical professionals will monitor you through the withdrawal process, keeping you safe and as comfortable as possible. Withdrawal Management is not the endpoint; it is merely the initial step toward the hope and healing you want for yourself and your family, thus our staff will assist you in finding appropriate follow-up outpatient services. For persons with a severe opioid use disorder, ask about Medication Assisted Treatment options that are now available.

Residential Services

Our residential services program is designed to give longer-term residential care to those facing complex substance use disorders, many with complicated family environments. Long-term care provides the opportunity to grow, heal and recover in a safe environment. Pregnant women are given priority in this program for the health of both the expectant mom and her unborn child. Beginning with the Residential Program’s inception, 137 healthy babies have been born to Residential Program moms!

If you or someone you know needs medical care for drug or alcohol use, call our main office

Call our main office at (803) 324-1800 for a confidential screening. We will help you determine the best course of action and connect you with others in the community who can help you recover.