Annual Meeting



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Highlights of 2019 Annual Meeting

Each year in February, Keystone invites its stakeholders, volunteers, donors, sponsors and community partners for its Annual Meeting. Presented over breakfast, Keystone highlights accomplishments in its services and events in the previous year, and presents awards to community members and organizations that make exceptional contributions to further the mission of Keystone. The meeting was hosted at The Magnolia Room in Rock Hill.


Award Recipients:

Outgoing Board Member Awards

  • Ted Matthews
  • Mary Guba
  • Elaine Wilmore

Outstanding Partnership Awards

  • Affinity Health Center

Making A Difference Award

  • Mary and Patrick Thornton

Promoting Health, Hope and Healing Award

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

Volunteer of the Year Award

  • Yoga for Recovery Foundation

Detective Mike Doty Public Service Award

  • Jonathan Moseley