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Experimenting with substances doesn’t have to be a part of growing up

About Keystone’s Youth Programs

Keystone offers bio-psycho-social assessments for adolescents and young adults every weekday.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, over 70 percent of teens have tried alcohol and over 50 percent of teens have tried other drugs by the time they graduate from high school. Often, parents feel overwhelmed by these statistics and don’t know where to start when talking to their kids about drugs and alcohol. But talking is worth the effort, and Keystone is here to help.

The Dangers of Substance Use Disorders for Adolescents and Young Adults

Research shows that the brain continues to develop into adulthood through the mid-twenties, and undergoes dramatic changes during adolescence.

One of the brain areas still maturing is the prefrontal cortex—the part of the brain that enables us to assess risky situations, make sound decisions, and keep emotions and desires under control.

For adolescents age 12 to 17, one in twenty has a substance use disorder. A critical parts of adolescents’ brains are still a work in progress, and this puts them at increased risk for poor decisions, such as trying and often continuing use of alcohol and drugs. This early experimentation can have profound and long-lasting consequences. Compared to their peers, adolescents who use substances are more likely to drop out of school, suffer from depression, become homeless, and experience joblessness later in life.

For young adults, age 18 to 25, one in seven struggles with alcohol and other drugs. Young adults are at great risk for developing substance use disorders. Many who develop lifelong substance use disorders first experiment with alcohol or drugs in their formative years, from the ages of 12 to 17. Then the new responsibilities and experiences of adulthood—frustrations and disappointments in the working world, college, and new relationships—can be overwhelming. Young people with tremendous potential often turn to dangerous use of alcohol and drugs to cope with the adult world.



Put your son or daughter on the path of hope and healing. Keystone is here to walk alongside on their journey.

Our Youth Programs

We offer three levels of outpatient programs for adolescents, from our introductory counseling and group therapy program for those who may be curious or experimenting with substance use, to our intensive treatment and Recovery Management program. All of our evidence-based programs begin with an individual bio-psycho-social assessment so that we can address the holistic needs of each patient.

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Our Young Adult Programs

The first years of adulthood after high school are critical for those who are predisposed to substance use disorders. Young adults aged 18 to 28 are an at-risk, underserved population who are on their own for the first time—experiencing new responsibilities and relationships without influence of parents and caregivers. While adolescent programs are no longer appropriate in this age group, adult programs – with participants in their thirties and beyond— don’t fit either. Keystone offers specialized treatment programs for young adults designed to meet the unique needs of this age group.

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If you or someone you know needs medical care for drug or alcohol use, call our main office

Call our main office at (803) 324-1800 for a confidential screening. We will help you determine the best course of action and connect you with others in the community who can help you recover.